Our story

Sometimes things happen with no plan; they just happen before someone thought about it. Thus orchestralparts.com was born.

Many years ago I was an Artistic Director of a youth orchestra. One day, for a concert, I needed the orchestral parts for a short piece extremely difficult to find in the market. After a long search I found it at an American publisher that would have sent it at an exorbitant price. Besides the cost issue, I was not sure of receiving the material in time for the start of the rehearsals.
Hence, the decision to do it by myself, exploiting my strong knowledge of well known music notation software.
The experiment worked out, and then I decided to repeat it. In a short time, I was overwhelmed with too many requests that I could no longer accomplish alone: for this reason I asked for the help of valuable partners supervised and coordinated by myself.
When we finally had an adequate catalog and developed a stronger technical editorial knowledge, we decided to transform this activity into a real business, keeping it focused on the two main needs of clients: obtain the parts immediately and at an affordable price.

So this is where orchestralparts.com takes life. Today orchestralparts.com is becoming a reference point for musicians, theatres, organizations, orchestras, conservatories and competitions. These orchestral parts have been performed worldwide in more than twenty countries as United States, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and Brasil and have received their TV baptism over the 8 nights of the “Tour de Chant” broadcasted on RAI 1.

Vito Lo Re
Artistic Director